Venezuela: Holocene till Pliocene.

We visited Isla Margarita in 1995. There are a lot of fossil deposits outcropping at the beaches. We were not able to gain acces to the proper geological informatian. We give you pictures of the fossils there what so ever. It gives an impression anyway. If the formation is known to us, it is mentioned below the pictures. In most cases, however, we must let you have your own opinion. We mention the locality in stead. We obtained some fossils from the mainland too by swapping.

Screen 1: Dentaliida
Dentalium species Dentalium species
Dentalium species (47 mm), colno 58665
Punta de Mangle, saltflats
Dentalium species (20 mm), colno 59237
Guayacancito, ca 1,5 km W of village
Dentalium species Dentalium species
Dentalium species (45 mm), colno 58371
Boca Chica
Dentalium species (17 mm), colno 58462
Boca de Rio
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Dentaliida Gadilimorpha Fissurelloidea Trochoidea Cirroidea Neritoidea Stromboidea
Ampullarioidea Cerithioidea Vermetoidea Littorinoidea Buccinoidea Columbelloidea Conoidea
Mitroidea Turbinelloidea Volutoidea Muricoidea Naticoidea Cypraeoidea Calyptraeoidea
Tonnoidea Architectonicoidea Bulloidea Bulimuloidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Mytiloidea
Pterioidea Pinnoidea Limoidea Ostreoidea Plicatuloidea Pectinoidea Anomioidea
Lucinoidea Carditoidea Chamoidea Crassatelloidea Cardioidea Mactroidea Solenoidea
Tellinoidea Donacoidea Veneroidea Myoidea