TENNESSEE: Cretaceous, Ripley Formation

World famous sites of the Ripley Formation can be found in Tennessee, containing hundreds of species with very good conservated shells. The site near Coon Creek is the most famous. You need authorisation to visit this site from the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis. We visited this site for some hours in 1995.

Screen 1: Euomphaloidea, Patelloidea, Trochoidea, Cirroidea
Weeksia amplificata Acmaea galea
Weeksia amplificata (18 mm),colno 27044 Acmaea galea (16 mm), colno 27045
Eucycloscala tuberculatum Calliomphalus americanus
Eucycloscala tuberculatum (6 mm),colno 27046 Calliomphalus americanus (6 mm),colno 27043
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