Taxonomic Classification.

For the classification of the Mollusca we used the very comprehensive "Classification of Mollusca" by Victor Millard, 2001 as a basic system. In this work not only the now living Mollusca are included, but a lot of fossil genera as well. Millard dit however not use a numbersystem. Therefore his book is not suitable to set up a collection. For our own use we made a scedule for our collections based on Millard, but with a numbersystem and with omission of all not shellbearing Mollusca.

We feel not free to give this to you in all, not wishing to bypass Millard. We give an example only:

Subordo Volutina

With help of this scedule we arrange our drawers and pictures. This classification info is also used for all our dataprocessing and label making.

For the non Mollusca fossils we took our taxonomics from the internet. There maybe will be a lot of differences with your own opinions. Just click a bit around under the knob "collections" and you will find what you are looking for.