Republic of South Africa: Pleistocene?

We have a few fossil shells in our collections from Zwartkops in de Republic of South Africa. We know nothing of the geological context and are not even sure about the gepgrafical situation. If one of our visitors can help us we will be very gratefull.

Screen 1: Cirroidea, Cerithioidea, Buccinoidea
Cantharidus fultoni Cerithium rufonodulosum
Cantharidus fultoni (14 mm), colno 54945 Cerithium rufonodulosum (28 mm), colno 54946
Turritella carinifera Nassarius kraussianus
Turritella carinifera (90 mm), colno 54943 Nassarius kraussianus (7 mm), colno 54947
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