PORTUGAL: Miocene, Tortonian

In the south of Portugal, in the Algarve, near Villa Nova de Cacela there are very rich sand- and clay-deposits from Miocene age. Collecting is here not longer allowed. There is a nature conservation area now and collecting of fossils is forbidden. We show you some of the material we found there. Most of the species are dealt with in:
F.A.Pereira Da Costa, 1903-1904
"Mollusques Tertiaires du Portugal" L'Academie Royale des Sciences, Lisbonne.
Screen 1: Dentaliida
Dentalium raricostatum Dentalium sexangulum
Dentalium raricostatum (36 mm), colno 21760, Cacela Dentalium sexangulum (87 mm), colno 21655, Fabrica

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Dentaliida Fissurelloidea Scissurelloidea Trochoidea Cirroidea Neritoidea Stromboidea
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