THE NETHERLANDS: Pliocene and some Pleistocene

The Netherlands are for the most of its surface geological very young. Collecting fossil shells is not easy. There are however possibillities f.e. in Zeeland, the most southwestern part of the country. There you can find pliocene shells on the beaches f.e. on Walcheren between Domburg and Oostkapelle, on Zuid Beveland near Borssele and on Zeeuws Vlaanderen near Cadzand. We show some of the species you can find beachcombing. The exact formation is unknown ofcourse, but most of them are from Pliocene deposits in the North Sea. A lot of them were collected around 1960 when I was starting a collection. Some show old labels as a token of the start of our foundation. For the very nice Miocene fauna of the Netherlands you can look in an other place of this site.

Screen 1: Chitonina, Dentaliida
Chiton species Dentalium anomalocostatum
Chiton species (9 mm), colno 60586
Dentalium anomalocostatum (13 mm), colno 60481
Dentalium vulgare Dentalium vulgare
Dentalium vulgare (28 mm), colno 60586
Dentalium vulgare (26 mm), colno 60481
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Chitonina Dentaliida Patelloidea Fissurelloidea Cirroidea Stromboidea Rissooidea Cerithioidea
Vermetoidea Xenophoroidea Ptenoglossa Janthinoidea Eulimoidea Buccinoidea Columbelloidea Conoidea
Mitroidea Volutoidea Muricoidea Naticoidea Cypraeoidea Lamellarioidea Calyptraeoidea Tonnoidea
Pyramidelloidea Acteonoidea Bulloidea Ellobioidea Nuculoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Ostreoidea
Pectinoidea Anomioidea Lucinoidea Carditoidea Astartoidea Cardioidea Mactroidea Solenoidea
Tellinoidea Donacoidea Arcticoidea Corbiculoidea Veneroidea Myoidea Hiatelloidea Pholadoidea