The Netherlands are for the most of its surface geological very young. Collecting fossil shells is not easy. There are however possibillities in Zeeland, the most southwestern part of the country. There you can find pliocene shells on the beaches f.e. on Walcheren between Domburg and Oostkapelle, on Zuid Beveland near Borssele and on Zeeuws Vlaanderen near Cadzand. Furthermore there are rich miocene layers, but unfortunately mostly at unreachable depths, f.e. about 2 kilometers deep in our hometown (Utrecht). Near Winterswijk is the famous site "Miste", where about 500 species of fossil shells can be found at a depth of about 6 meters. This is in farmland and only on very few occasions a temporary pit is opened for 2 or 3 days. Our foundation took part in 7 of these temporary disclosures and we have now a nice collection. Unfortunately futher disclosures are not possible any more.

There is a very good illustrated book of the dutch miocene : A.W.Janssen, 1984, "Mollusken uit het mioceen van Winterswijk-Miste", Kon.Ned.Nat.Hist.Ver., no: 36
The text of this publication is in dutch, but the plates are important to every collector of this fauna.

Screen 1: Dentaliida
Dentalium dumasi Dentalium exlamarcki
Dentalium dumasi (30 mm), colno 35997 Dentalium exlamarcki (17 mm), colno 35943
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