Most of this material we swapped with Prof.Dr. Edward Petuch. For fossils of the Moodys Branch Formation you should surely visit the site of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. There are a lot of excellent pictures of fossil shells on this site, mainly collected and studied by Dr. David Dockery: Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Screen 1: Stromboidea, Xenophoroidea, Buccinoidea, Columbelloidea

Calyptraphorus stamineus Xenophora recluza
Calyptraphorus stamineus (52 mm), colno 22126
Moodys Branch Formation
Xenophora recluza (25 mm), colno 22138
Moodys Branch Formation
Pseudoliva vetusta perspectiva Clavilithes humerosus
Pseudoliva vetusta perspectiva (50 mm), colno 22136
Moodys Branch Formation
Clavilithes humerosus (65 mm), colno 22129
Moodys Branch Formation
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