We did not visit this state ourselves. We show some shells we swapped with Mr. Dale Stream, Michael Reagin and Edward Petuch. We bought also some shells from Mr. Don Kittsmiller

Screen 1: Dentaliida, Fissurelloidea

Dentalium species Dentalium species
Dentalium species (9 mm), colno 48219
St. Marys Formation, Little Cove Point Member
Dentalium species (33 mm), colno 48224
St. Marys Formation, Little Cove Point Member
Diodora griscomi Diodora species
Diodora griscomi (24 mm), colno 35309
Choptank Formation
Diodora species (35 mm), colno 60773
Choptank Formation
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Dentaliida Fissurelloidea Cirroidea Cerithioidea Janthinoidea Buccinoidea
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