ITALY: Pliocene, Screen 1: Dentaliida.

Italy has many good fossil sites. Most of them are pliocene, but there is some Pleistocene, Miocene and Eocene as well. Until now we have mainly pliocene material from Italy. We are very grateful for the help the following Italian friends gave us: Mr. George Bovo, Mr.Pierro Frediani, Mr.Italo Mattea and Mr. Giovanni Signorelli.

A lot of shells you can identify with the marvellous publications of Carlos Chirli.Until now (2013) there are 9 volumes published and maybe more will follow.
Carlo Chirli, 1997 and ongoing:
"Malacofauna Pliocenica Toscana"
Firenze, Italy
Dentalium fossile Dentalium fossile
Dentalium fossile
Plaisancian, colno 39467, 43 mm
Dentalium fossile
Astian, colno 44718, 45 mm
Dentalium inaequicostatum Dentalium inaequicostatum
Dentalium inaequicostatum
Plaisancian, colno 40394, 80 mm
Dentalium inaequicostatum
Astian, colno 44732, 13 mm
Dentaliida Gadilimorpha Cocculinoidea Lepetelloidea Fissurelloidea Scissurelloidea Trochoidea Cirroidea Neritoidea Stromboidea Rissooidea
Cerithioidea Vermetoidea Xenophoroidea Ptenoglossa Janthinoidea Eulimoidea Buccinoidea Columbelloidea Conoidea Mitroidea Turbinelloidea
Volutoidea Muricoidea Naticoidea Cypraeoidea Lamellarioidea Calyptraeoidea Tonnoidea Ficoidea Architectonicoidea Pyramidelloidea Acteonoidea
Bulloidea Spiratelloidea Ellobioidea Helicoidea Nuculoidea Nuculanoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Mytiloidea Pterioidea Pinnoidea
Limoidea Ostreoidea Pectinoidea Anomioidea Unioidea Lucinoidea Galeomatoidea Carditoidea Chamoidea Astartoidea Cardioidea
Mactroidea Solenoidea Tellinoidea Donacoidea Dreissenoidea Glossoidea Corbiculoidea Veneroidea Myoidea Gastrochaenoidea Hiatelloidea
Pandoroidea Clavagelloidea
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