ITALY: Eocene, Lutetian.

Italy has many good fossil sites. Most of them are pliocene, but there is some Pleistocene, Miocene and Eocene as well. Mainly by trading with an ialian collector we have a fair amount of fossil shels from the Lutetian, wich we show in the folloing screens.

Screen 1: Trochoidea
Angaria subcalcar Collonia subturbinata
Angaria subcalcar (18 mm), colno 61775 Collonia subturbinata (10 mm), colno 61762
Homalopoma minimum Tricolia turbinoides
Homalopoma minimum (5 mm), colno 61761 Tricolia turbinoides (8 mm), colno 61797
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Trochoidea Cirroidea Neritoidea Stromboidea Cerithioidea Vermetoidea Xenophoroidea
Columbelloidea Conoidea Mitroidea Volutoidea Muricoidea Naticoidea Cypraeoidea
Calyptraeoidea Tonnoidea Acteonoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Mytiloidea Limoidea
Pectinoidea Lucinoidea Carditoidea Crassatelloidea Cardioidea Veneroidea