GREAT BRITAIN: Eocene, Bartonian, Screen 1
We have not visit Great Britain very often. There are of course famous eocene deposits with lots of shells near Barton. In fact the Bartonian was described from this location. There are also opportunities on the Isle of Wight. Maybe the best thing to do is to contact the Tertiary Research Group. You find their website under knob "Contacts". Dr. Alan Morton has a marvellous site with a lot of nice pictures of Eocene fossils from Great Britain:
Hippochrenes amplus Sycostoma pyrus
Hippochrenes amplus (167 mm), colno 19412
Found by Rudi Hessel
Sycostoma pyrus (82 mm), colno 19452
Athleta athleta Athleta luctator
Athleta athleta (78 mm), colno 19451 Athleta luctator (91 mm), colno 19453
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