We swapped a very few things with David Cassel.

Screen 1: Nuculoidea, Pterioidea, Lucinoidea
Prodentalium decussatum Entalina gardneri Nucula species
Prodentalium decussatum (43 mm), colno 63152
Albian, Gault Clay
Entalina gardneri (5 mm), colno 63152
Albian, Gault Clay
Nucula species (18 mm), colno 40118
Albian, Gault Clay
Inoceramus sulcatus Thetironia minor
Inoceramus sulcatus (37 mm), colno 40109
Albian, Gault Clay
Thetironia minor (24 mm), colno 47807
Aptian, Lower Greensands
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