A.For lovers of fossil shells we have 6 different entries:

      1 Fossil shells from a specific country: Geographical entry

      2 Fossil shells of a geological period: Geological entry

      3 Looking for a certain superfamily, family or subfamily: Taxonomic entry

      4 Looking for a specific genus: A, B, C, D - E, F - H, I - L, M, N - O, P, R - S, T - U, V - Z,

      5 Fossil shells of a superfamily from Holocene till Jurassic: Superfamily fossil Mollusca

      6 Tertiary Fossil shells of France arranged by series: Tertiairy of France.

B. If you want to see fossils from other animals: Fossils from other animals

C. Entry for lovers of now living Molluscs: Actual shells.

D. Small collections of minerals, stones and oddities: Miscellaneous.

E. Published items from our collections: Published Items. (Ready about dec. 2018)
Species that has been figured in scientific publications, paratypes, holotypes