EGYPT: Pleistocene, Screen 1

At Hurghada in the Red Sea region there is a real construction boom of tourist-accomodations. At the backsite of the big hotels we found lots of pleistocene Mollusks in the dirtheaps remaining after digging for the fundaments of the building.Within a week you can collect at least 450 species. As recent Red Sea mollusks are protected, it is wise not to clean the shells before returning home. In that way the borderpolice can easily see you are taking only fossil shells.

Nearly all of our Pleistocene shells we donated to the "Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam (NMR).

Dentalium octangulatum Patelloida maraisi
Dentalium octangulatum (53 mm), colno 43101 Patelloida maraisi (4 mm), colno 43772
Patella flecuosa Hemitoma species
Patella flecuosa (13 mm), colno 43771 Hemitoma species (23 mm), colno 43763
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