Cyprus: Pliocene, Nicosia Formation?

In 1995 we visited Cyprus for some weeks. We found near Cape Aspro a sandstone hill with some fossils. Not having any litterature about these outcrops we could not identify these fossils. We give them to you with only an indication of the genera.

Screen 1: Dentaliida, Trochoidea, Stromboidea
Dentalium species Dentalium species
Dentalium species (10 mm), colno 26204 Dentalium species (45 mm), colno 26205
Astraea species Aporrhais species
Astraea species (27 mm), colno 26237 Aporrhais species (19 mm), colno 26242
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Dentaliida Trochoidea Stromboidea Cerithioidea Vermetoidea Xenophoroidea Conoidea
Naticoidea Ficoidea Architectonicoidea Nuculoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Pinnoidea
Ostreoidea Plicatuloidea Pectinoidea Lucinoidea Carditoidea Chamoidea Tellinoidea
Dreissenoidea Glossoidea Veneroidea Myoidea