California: Pleistocene and Pliocene
Most of our material we have swapped with Michael Reagin and David Cassel. We visited California only once and apart from Capitola beach dit not visit any fossilsites ourselves.

Screen 1: Dentaliida, Patelloidea
Dentalium neohexogonum Acmaea mitra
Dentalium neohexogonum (27 mm),colno 37599
Pleistocene, Formation unknown
Acmaea mitra (31 mm), colno 43692
Pleistocene, Bay Point Formation
Lottia amsi Lottia conus
Lottia amsi (7 mm),colno 43698
Pleistocene, Bay Point Formation
Lottia conus (8 mm),colno 43697
Pleistocene, Bay Point Formation
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Dentaliida Patelloidea Fissurelloidea Cirroidea Cerithioidea Littorinoidea Janthinoidea Buccinoidea
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Nuculoidea Nuculanoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Mytiloidea Ostreoidea Pecinoidea Lucinoidea
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