Bulgaria: (Oligocene and) Eocene, mainly Priabonian

We have hardly any fossils from this epoch. Unfortunately in our administration is not noted from whome we got this material, or who indentified it. We show it to you anyway.   

Screen 1: Naticoidea, Ostreoidea, Pectinoidea
Amaurellina angustata Ostrea flabellula Ostrea species
Amaurellina angustata (32 mm), colno 54857
Mold, Oligocene.
Ostrea flabellula (34 mm), colno 54864
Ostrea species (35 mm), colno 54866
Chlamys subtripartia Chlamys biarritzensis
Chlamys subtripartia (23 mm), colno 54863
Chlamys biarritzensis (28 mm), colno 54865
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