AUSTRALIA: Pliocene, Roe Calcarenite, Screen 1

Australia has many interesting fossil sites. The Pliocene is good developed near Madura, Roe Plains, Western Australia. The Roe calcarenite is used as fill up for The Eyre Highway.It is possible to collect there about two hundred species of fossil shells. Identify the shells with:
"Quaternary Molluscs of the western part of the Eucla basin"
National Library of Australia, ISBN 0 7244 74315
For more information:"West Australian Museum",Francis Street, Pert 6000 WA, Australia.
When you want to know the results of our visit in 1997 to the Roe Plains; click on: List of Species found in the Roe Calcarenite

Chicoreus lundeliusae Cassis fimbriata
Chicoreus lundeliusae (92 mm) Cassis fimbriata (82 mm)
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