AUSTRALIA: Oligocene, Janjukian
There are nice disclosures of the Oligocene near Torquay in Victoria.
To identify the Volutidae you can use: T.A.Darragh, 1988: "A Revision of the Tertiary Volutidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of south-eastern Australia", Memoirs of the Museum of Victoria 49(2): 195-307
For the other superfamilies we don't have adequate books to identify most of the species, so don't be disappointed when we give you a lot of pictures only identified to genus level.

Screen 1: Dentaliida
Dentalium aratum Dentalium mantelli
Dentalium aratum (51 mm), colno 56781 Dentalium mantelli (47 mm), colno 55924
Dentalium species Dentalium species
Dentalium species (17 mm), colno 56015 Dentalium species (9 mm), colno 56019
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Dentaliida Fissurelloidea Cirroidea Cerithoidea Littorinoidea Xenophoroidea Janthinoidea Eulimoidea Buccinoidea
Columbelloidea Conoidea Mitroidea Volutoidea Muricoidea Naticoidea Cypraeoidea Lamellarioidea Calyptraeoidea
Tonnoidea Architectonoidea Nuculoidea Nuculanoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea Limoidea Plicatuloidea Pectinoidea
Trigonioidea Lucinoidea Carditoidea Chamoidea Crassatelloidea Cardioidea Tellinoidea Veneroidea Myoidea