AUSTRALIA: Miocene, Balcombian and Longfordian
Rich Miocene beds are to be found along the Murray River near Mannum. You have to ask around to get info how to go to the fossilrich parts of the riverbank. World famous Miocene shells occur in Victoria and Tasmania. To identify the Volutidae you can use: T.A.Darragh, 1988: "A Revision of the Tertiary Volutidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of south-eastern Australia", Memoirs of the Museum of Victoria 49(2): 195-307
Dr. Darragh gave was very friendly to us and donated some nice Cypraeoidea to our foundation. We also remember with gratitude the help of the late Colin Addison and Milton Church. Recently we happily found a new friend of our foundation in Adam Anderson. He helps us a lot with nice shells from Longfordian layers.
We don't have adequate books to identify most of the species, so don't be disappointed when we give you a lot of pictures from shells identified to genus level only.

Screen 1: Chitonina, Nautiloidea
Chiton species Pseudoischnochiton wynyardensis
Pseudoischnochiton wynyardensis (19 mm), colno 61891
Donated by Adam Anderson
Chiton species (11 mm), colno 56544
Eutrephoceras geelongensis Nautilus species
Eutrephoceras geelongensis (68 mm), colno 62517
Donated by Adam Anderson
Nautilus species (37 mm), colno 56090
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Chitinina Nautiloidea Dentaliida Gadilimorpha Patelloidea Fissurelloidea Trochoidea Cirroidea Neritoidea Rissooidea
Tornoidea Cerithoidea Vermetoidea Littorinoidea Xenophoroidea Ptenoglossa Janthinoidea Eulimoidea Buccinoidea Columbelloidea
Conoidea Mitroidea Volutoidea Muricoidea Naticoidea Cypraeoidea Lamellarioidea Calyptraeoidea Tonnoidea Architectonoidea
Pyramidelloidea Acteonoidea Bulloidea Pleurobranchioidea Spirateloidea Siphonarioidea Nuculoidea Nuculanoidea Arcoidea Limopsoidea
Mytiloidea Pterioidea Pinnoidea Limoidea Ostreoidea Plicatuloidea Pectinoidea Anomioidea Trigonioidea Lucinoidea
Carditoidea Chamoidea Crassatelloidea Cardioidea Tellinoidea Glossoidea Veneroidea Myoidea Pandoroidea Clavagelloidea