To honour the Creator

We strongly believe God made all things in the universe as Holy Scripture teaches us. However this does not mean we reject modern science. On the contrary; we think Scripture and nature have the same source and can't be incompatible with each other.

We have no difficulties whatsoever with evolution theories, a very old earth, ice ages or modern cosmology. Many people think that science proves that everything came into being accidentally and there is no God. Everybody is of course free to belief what he wants, but nobody can base his beliefs on science. Scripture tells us that the Lord is spiritual and not material. Therefore science, being confined to matter, can't say anything about Him.

We also don't agree with these Christians who want to combat science with the things they think Holy Scripture tells them. The Bible is not a book for scientific descriptions, but gives us the gospel. We believe all of the Scripture is truly the Word of God ! You have to be very careful however to translate the sayings from Scripture into time bound scientific thinking. Our knowledge is not sufficient to do this. History gives us many examples of attacks on science by Christians which turned out to be untenable.

We emphasize this because we have a museum for mainly fossils and get many questions regarding the relation between Christianity and science. There are of course many unanswered questions, but we don't see a basic problem. We reject atheism, agnosticism and fundamentalism. We would like to make a distinction between evolution and evolutionism. Evolution gives a good explanation of what we see in nature. We see how the Creator works. Evolutionism however is just an other religion and we think it to be a poor one, leaving us without any hope or responsibility. Let us study nature and honour the Creator. The Lord Jezus Christ rules the universe and through him we will inherit a marvellous stewardship.

If you are interested to read more about the unity between Christianity and science there is a little book, written by the director of our foundation, Drs. Ing. Piet Hessel. Unfortunately this book is at the moment only available in dutch: title "Toekomstmuziek" (Music of the future) with as a subtitle "Christus geeft eeuwige eenheid van Geest en stof" (Christ gives eternal unity of Spirit and matter). This book can be ordered from editor Boekenbent.

For Dutch-speaking people:

In juni 2007 is het boekje ook opgenomen in de site onder de knop "Toekomstmuziek"

Een calvinistische visie op de eenheid tussen bijbel en natuur wordt gegeven onder