We like to honour persons and institutions that are helpful to our foundation. We mention todate:

RITMEESTER CIGARS. This firm generously provided us with carton boxes we use in our drawers.

KUIPER, JONKERS & VAN DEN BERG ADVOCATEN. Through kind mediation by Mrs. Mr. B.V. de Jong this firm in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is willing to provide our foundation with legal advise against a sharply reduced rate.

ATLANTA PAS LADEN. For our collections we use now many years a system of plastic boxes with two types of drawers of different depths. We are very content about this system and even more so for the willingness of Smead Europe BV to give us a gentle price. We had contact with Drs. Remy Strijbosch, E-mail:

LED LINE. This firm is introducing a whole range of light emitting diodes for use in offices, factories and homes We think it is acting in a very responsable environmental attitude. To introduce this technology their prices are very sharp. Nevertheless they gave us a discount in response to our purposes.

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